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Kloe is an energetic, fun-loving 8-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in early 2016, she traveled to the Children’s Cancer Hospital for treatment. Art class is Kloe’s favorite thing about coming to MD Anderson. She looks forward to seeing her teacher, the challenges of each new art project, and even sharing art she’s created at home. In Kloe’s words, “The hospital would be sad if we didn’t have art!”

Sometimes while receiving chemotherapy in the Pediatric Ambulatory Treatment Center, Kloe was able to enjoy bedside art instruction in her room. This one-on-one art time helped tremendously to lift her spirits and make the time pass faster. When asked what art makes her feel, Kloe responded, “Art makes me feel happy.” She recently rang the bell in the clinic to celebrate completion of treatment.

When she’s not drawing rainbows – her favorite subject – Kloe enjoys playing video games, eating cheese pizza, and hanging out with friends and family, especially her mom. “She’s the best mom in the world. She takes care of me all the time, no matter what, and she’s always very proud of me.”


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